About Federal Fire Protection Inc.

Federal Fire Protection Inc. was founded in 1989 to service our customers with the fastest, most reliable and state-of-the-art fire protection services available in the industry. We are a full service fire protection company continually upgrading and expanding our capabilities, methods, and equipment to offer our customers the best fire protection available today at the lowest life cycle costs.

We use computer programs specifically designed to track fire extinguisher service and maintenance schedules and allow for optionalbar coding of the equipment with detailed reporting when requested.

We offer the widest range of portable fire equipment and pre-engineered fire protection systems on the market today which are installed and serviced by our highly skilled and trained staff of professionals. This commitment to excellence using these products helps save lives, protect property, and ensure business continuity.

Federal Fire Protection Inc. constantly strives to be the most professional and competitive fire protection company in New Jersey.

Our company has become a leader in sales and service of high quality, cost effective products that protect life, property, and the environment against fire and toxic materials. Federal Fire Protection Inc. maintains an environment that encourages performance and excellence. We demonstrate our concern for and commitment to our employees by providing healthy and safe working conditions.

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