Fire Extinguishers

Our trained technicians can install Vehicle and Wall Mounted Extinguishers which conform to National Fire Protection Association and State and Local Regulations.
Class AClass BClass CClass DClass K
WoodFuel & OilElectricalBurning MetalsKitchen
PaperGreaseCooking Equipment

A, B, C

Class: A, B,C
Used For: Industry, Garages, Workshops, Schools

Dry Chemical

Class: B,C
Used For:Restaurants, Industrial, and commercial


Class: A, B,C
Used For:Computer rooms, Telephone rooms, Clean Rooms

Water Mist

Class: A
Used For: Industrial, Schools, Commercial Bldgs.


Class: B,C
Used For: Industry, Offices, Paint shops, Restaurants, Hospitals

Water & Foam

Class: A, B
Used For:Mfg. facilities, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Print Shops, Laboratories

Wet Chemical

Class: K
Used For:Restaurants & Kitchens

Class D

Class: D
Used For: Combustible metal fires

We service our customers with the fastest, most reliable and state-of-the-art fire protection services available in the industry.

We are a full service fire protection company continually upgrading and expanding our capabilities, methods, and equipment to offer our customers the best fire protection available today at the lowest life cycle costs.

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